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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Hiring a Bartender for Private Events

Are you in the middle of planning a private event and aiming for an unforgettable experience? While catering and decor hold significant importance, another element can genuinely make or break your event – the beverages! And hiring a bartender for your private event can make all the difference! 

In this guide, discover how to find, hire and work with the best mixologists to ensure your guests remember your event long after they’ve raised their last glass of delight. Let’s get started, and together, let’s turn your party into a talked-about sensation!

Perks of Hiring a Mobile Bartender

A mobile bartender brings unique offerings to amp up your event atmosphere, ensuring your party is unforgettable.

  • Quality Cocktails and Drinks: They craft high-quality cocktails using premium spirits and fresh ingredients. Every drink served promises consistency in taste and an aesthetically delightful presentation.
  • Serving Expertise: With ample experience in beverage service, they understand the nuances of serving techniques, drink pairings, and even catering to specific dietary restrictions.
  • Personalised Menus: One of the most exciting offerings of mobile bar hire is the ability to curate a customised beverage menu. Whether your preference leans towards traditional drinks or more contemporary mixology, a mobile bartender works to create a menu that suits everyone’s liking.
  • Theme Adaptability: With an eye for detail, they ensure every facet of beverage service reflects your event’s theme. From the glassware to garnishes, to their professional attire, they align everything seamlessly with your event’s style and ambiance.

Transform Your Event with a Private Bartending

Choosing to hire a cocktail maker can significantly transform your event, creating a unique ambiance while ensuring a professional and efficient beverage service. Let’s delve into the crucial benefits of opting for a mobile bartender.

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: A mobile bartender doesn’t just serve drinks; they create an interactive environment, giving your event personalised flair and character. This markedly elevates the overall guest experience, turning your occasion into an affair to remember.
  • Time-Saving and Stress-Free: A mixologist can help keep stress levels in check. Mobile bartenders take charge of everything, from mixing cocktails to managing inventory, saving time and eliminating undue pressure. This allows you to immerse yourself entirely in the enjoyment of your event.
  • Specialised Skills & Professional Presentation: Your private bartender is not just about skill but also about presentation. These professionals bring proficiency, elegance, and sophistication to your event. Dressing impeccably and handling the bar area with finesse enhance the ambiance of your event and leave your guests with a good impression.
  • Controlled Alcohol Consumption: Mobile bartenders efficiently regulate alcohol consumption at the event, promoting responsible drinking. They strive to ensure the right balance, creating a fun yet safe environment for all your guests.

How-to’s of Hiring a Bartender for Your Private Events

Here are some essential tips and a comprehensive guide to hiring a mobile bartender or contemplating bar hire for parties to ensure you make the right choice.

Understand Your Event’s Specifics

The first step involves evaluating the characteristics of your event, such as its size, theme, location, and the preferences of your guest list. Details like these will significantly influence the suitability of the bartender you hire and define the extent of their role.

Conduct Comprehensive Research

Go the extra mile during your research phase. Be sure to explore online platforms where you can find valuable reviews, view pictures or videos from previous events they’ve serviced to get a sense of their style, and scrutinise their professional qualifications.

Interview or Consult

Once you’ve shortlisted your potential bartenders, arrange for interviews or consultations. Their personality must blend well with the atmosphere you intend to create. During the meeting, please find time to address any specific concerns and discuss ideas or special requests to ensure they align with your expectations.

Discuss Budget and Pricing

Don’t shy away from discussing your budget constraints. Many mobile bartenders offer a range of service packages which they can fine-tune to match your financial framework.

Create a Contract

Lastly, lock in the arrangement with a written agreement once you’ve ironed out all the details and are ready to proceed. Ensure this contract includes detailed information about the services promised, the total cost, timings, cancellation terms, and all critical promises made during the negotiations.

Raising the Bar: Secure Your Private Event Bartender Today

If you want to hire a bartender for a private event, look no further than Shakers on Wheels. As a Victoria-based cocktail catering and mobile bar specialist, this service is dedicated to taking events to the next level. They cater to various events, including weddings, corporate functions, private parties, and product launches.

Offering a variety of packages tailored to individual needs along with a unique vintage caravan bar option for a retro touch, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone. Start your event planning journey with Shakers on Wheels for a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

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Georgia CulibrkGeorgia Culibrk
07:27 19 Sep 23
Jordan and Julian provided the most professional services for my 40th birthday at home. The cocktails were delicious and everyone loved the atmosphere they created. Best decision have a mobile bar at home. Their set up and pack up was spotless. Thanks so much guys !
Rindi KettleRindi Kettle
09:58 18 Sep 23
Recently use Shakers on Wheels to help celebrate My husband’s birthday party, we had about 30guests and special thanks to Jordan for helping to create a good vibes and atmosphere that everyone enjoyed.Thank you very much.
Suresh De MelSuresh De Mel
07:30 11 Sep 23
Jordan and his team were amazing. The cocktails were delicious and it made the party even more memorable. I would highly recommend Shakers for any event.
Sarah BinnsSarah Binns
23:44 28 Aug 23
I arranged Shakers On Wheels for my 30th party at my home and I honestly can say it was the best decision I could have made! The cocktails were lux and delicious and worth every penny! The set up and service was outstanding and the guests and I loved it! If you're considering using this company for your next event I highly recommend. Jordan and the team were so easy to talk with, provide quotes and information and made the night a smooth process. Thank you so much and I'm still recovering from the hangover 🤣🥰
Beau DriscollBeau Driscoll
05:07 22 Aug 23
Jordan and his team were honestly the best.Helped with making the night of my wedding seemless and came in.If I ever have an event in the future, I will use Shakers on Wheels.Thank you Jordan
Alexane MongrevilleAlexane Mongreville
06:33 14 Aug 23
I worked with Jordan and Oliver for a Fragrances & Cocktails Masterclass on behalf of Libertine Parfumerie. We hosted this event at Myer, for our VIP customers.Oliver was perfect during the event, took care of 26 customers and made 6 different cocktails to match 6 fragrances.We planned the event with Jordan, who helped me a lot with the recipes for the cocktails and was very good at communicating.Thank you again for this successful event! I would recommend Shakers on Wheel to everyone :)
Michaela WalshMichaela Walsh
22:19 05 Feb 23
Fantastic company! Takes the stress out of any event. We had them for my sisters hens. All set up and pack down done by them. 3 amazing cocktails and unlimited for 3 hours. Beautiful garnishes. They have all there own glassware etc. friendly and professional staff, so reasonably priced also. HIGHLY recommend we will def use them again!

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