Why You Should Choose a Mobile Bar Hire for Your Next Event!

Have you not dreamed of having your friends and family at home to celebrate your next Birthday but want to do a bit more than serving them a few cans of beers, some prosecco and whisky coke? Don’t you want your friends to rave about the event you put together for months? Are you not tired of looking for the perfect venue for days, weeks and not really getting what you want? Not the right food, drinks, music … and the list goes on! 

Well, having a mobile bar hire at your next celebration is your solution! And believe me, once you’ve tried it, you’ll do it again!

Food catering is a huge thing nowadays, getting a private chef to cook fabulous meals from your kitchen is also getting very popular, guess what’s next? Mobile bar services or mobile cocktail bar to be a bit more specific is the next big trend! And it simply makes perfect sense, for so many reasons:

  • Enjoy with your friends and your friends only! 
  • Pick your vendor, your drinks, your music, your décor, your ambiance, DIY event!! Its YOUR event as you dreamed of it!
  • Party from comfort of your own home
  • Impress your guests!! Imagine their faces once they’ll realise there is an actual cocktail bar by the pool!! Or a vintage caravan bar in the backyard!
  • Stress free event, they’ll take care of everything for you
  • Fits your budget! It’s very affordable, much cheaper than going to any pub, bar, restaurant or blank canvas venue! No fees for hiring the venue too!
  • No need to spend days and send dozens of enquiries to find the “perfect” venue (also the one that’s not booked all the way to 2024!!)
  • No house policies (just your own)

Now that you’ve realised how awesome having a mobile cocktail bar for events can be, there is still a few things you should keep an eye out for:

  • Licenses and permits
  • RSA certified bartenders
  • Public liabilities
  • T’s & C’s
  • Reviews

Shakers on Wheels provides these services in Victoria and tick all the boxes! Not only we serve the best cocktails, provide 5 star service from the best looking bars and caravan, we also and most importantly provide you and your guests with an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE!!  Hit the link below to find out more about we can help you take your event to the next level! WE BRING THE BAR TO YOU! See you there!

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