How to Celebrate the End of Financial Year in Style

As the end of the financial year approaches, many organisations take the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and the hard work of their employees by organising end-of-financial-year (EOFY) functions. These events provide a chance to unwind, socialise, and reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year. 

Why are EOFY events important?

EOFY functions offer a platform to recognise and appreciate the efforts of employees who have contributed to the company’s growth and success. This recognition helps boost employee morale, motivation, and loyalty. Secondly, these events provide an opportunity for team building and networking, facilitating stronger bonds between colleagues and departments. 

Most importantly, end-of-financial-year celebrations provide an opportunity for your team to reflect on the achievements and challenges of the past year, setting the stage for planning and strategising for the upcoming year.

Types of EOFY Functions

Formal Dinners/Galas

These black-tie events are perfect for companies looking to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. They often include a formal dinner, live entertainment, awards ceremonies, and speeches.  

Casual Parties

Some organisations prefer a more relaxed and informal approach to their end-of-financial-year functions. Casual parties can be held at a venue or even in the office, offering a laid-back atmosphere for employees to unwind and enjoy themselves. 

Team Building Activities 

For those looking to foster stronger teamwork and collaboration, team-building activities can be a great option. These functions focus on interactive and group activities such as escape rooms, outdoor adventures, or sports competitions.  

Charity Events

Many organisations choose to give back to the community by holding charity events to create a positive impact on society and also promote a sense of purpose and social responsibility among employees. Charity events can include fundraising galas, volunteering activities, or donation drives, allowing employees to come together for a meaningful cause.

Tips for Planning a Successful EOFY Event

  1. Set clear goals and objectives. Determine the purpose and desired outcomes of the event. Whether it’s to celebrate a successful year, build team morale, or give back to the community, having clear goals will help guide the planning process.
  2. Determine the budget. Establish a budget for the event to ensure that all expenses are accounted for. This includes venue rental, catering, entertainment, decorations, and any additional activities or giveaways. 
  3. Choose the right venue. Select a venue that aligns with the theme and tone of the event. Consider factors such as capacity, location, ambience, and amenities. Whether it’s a grand ballroom for a formal dinner or a rooftop terrace for a casual party, the venue sets the stage for a memorable experience.
  4. Plan the program and schedule. Create a well-coordinated program for the event, including speeches, awards, entertainment, and activities. Give careful thought to the flow and timing of each element to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for attendees. Allow for breaks and networking opportunities to encourage interaction and conversation.
  5. Consider employee preferences. Survey employees to understand their preferences and interests for the end of financial year function. This can help in choosing a theme, activities, and entertainment that will appeal to a majority of attendees. Offering a variety of options, such as a live band, DJ, or a photo booth, can cater to different tastes and ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.
  6. Incorporate team-building activities. Take advantage of the event to foster team bonding and collaboration. Consider incorporating team-building activities or games that encourage employees to work together and strengthen relationships. This can include trivia quizzes, escape rooms, or outdoor challenges.

How to spice up your EOFY Event with mobile bar hire

To spice up your EOFY event and make it truly memorable, consider adding a mobile bar hire to the mix.  

Craft Cocktails

Impress your guests with a selection of handcrafted cocktails served by professional bartenders from the mobile bar. You can create a custom cocktail menu tailored to your company’s branding or the theme of the event. Offer signature cocktails named after your company’s achievements or inside jokes among colleagues.


You can customise the bar setup to align with your event theme or corporate branding. You can incorporate your company’s logo, colors, or slogans into the bar design and cocktail presentation, creating a cohesive and branded experience for attendees.

Unique Bar Concepts

Explore unique bar concepts beyond traditional cocktails, such as a gin-tasting station, a whiskey bar, or a mocktail bar for non-alcoholic options. Offering a variety of beverage options ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Themed Decor

Enhance the ambiance of your event by incorporating themed decor elements around the mobile bar. Whether it’s a tropical luau, a glamorous Gatsby theme, or a rustic outdoor setting, the decor can complement the mobile bar setup and transport guests to a different atmosphere.

By incorporating a mobile bar hire into your EOFY event and exploring these creative ideas, you can elevate the experience for your guests and create a memorable celebration to mark the end of the financial year. Contact us to book and plan your EOFY event!

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SOW were a huge hit at our son’s engagement party!!! Absolutely blown away by the ambience they created and the cocktails were amazing! The guests were blown away and are still talking about SOW. Thank you to Jordan and his team, you honestly went above and beyond. ❤️
I used SOW for a backyard birthday party and we were lucky to have Jordan himself on the night. He was very friendly, professional and easy to deal with throughout the whole experience. He also did an amazing job despite the heat! The bar set up was nice and the cocktails were so smooth and delicious and definitely a hit with everyone.
Peter S
Peter S
Jordan was quick to respond to our initial enquiry and more than happy to assist, finding the best options for our event. We had a fabulous night with Marty the van. Bartenders, Julian and Kayla were fantastic! Top marks to Julian for his driving skills, placing the van exactly where we envisioned it. Many of our guests were very impressed and asked how we found you. We were sure to pass on your details to them. Thanks for helping Here are some photos from the night. Jo & Pete
Stefan De Silva
Stefan De Silva
Jordan & the staff helped make our Wedding Day magical. Jordan answered all my questions, took multiple phone calls and put my mind at ease. The bar staff, particularly Oliver and Julian were exceptional. They went above and beyond, read the room, engaged with our guests and contributed to making our wedding a success. They communicated well, ensured everything was smooth and seamless. We would definitely use them again!
Adam Hopkins
Adam Hopkins
Shakers on wheels were brilliant. The drinks were all delicious and the staff were super professional. All of my guests commented on how good the cocktail team were! Thanks Jordan
Ebonie Boreham
Ebonie Boreham
Absolutely delighted to express my gratitude to Shakers on Wheels for adding an extra dose of joy to our work Christmas party! Their service was nothing short of exceptional, and their skillful mixologists crafted the most delightful drinks that elevated our celebration to a whole new level. Thank you, Shakers on Wheels, for making our day unforgettable with your outstanding service and fabulous beverages. Cheers to a fun-filled and memorable experience!
Jazmine Zebic
Jazmine Zebic
Wow! We recently had Julien and Anais for my sister’s surprise 30th birthday party. They were truely amazing! They created a fun and friendly atmosphere and kept our guests happy all night long. All cocktails were absolute delicious and we had compliments all night. We would definitely hire them again and highly recommend to all! Thank you once again for the special night!
Georgia Culibrk
Georgia Culibrk
Jordan and Julian provided the most professional services for my 40th birthday at home. The cocktails were delicious and everyone loved the atmosphere they created. Best decision have a mobile bar at home. Their set up and pack up was spotless. Thanks so much guys !
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson
I arranged Shakers On Wheels for my 30th party at my home and I honestly can say it was the best decision I could have made! The cocktails were lux and delicious and worth every penny! The set up and service was outstanding and the guests and I loved it! If you're considering using this company for your next event I highly recommend. Jordan and the team were so easy to talk with, provide quotes and information and made the night a smooth process. Thank you so much and I'm still recovering from the hangover 🤣🥰
Alexane Mongreville
Alexane Mongreville
I worked with Jordan and Oliver for a Fragrances & Cocktails Masterclass on behalf of Libertine Parfumerie. We hosted this event at Myer, for our VIP customers. Oliver was perfect during the event, took care of 26 customers and made 6 different cocktails to match 6 fragrances. We planned the event with Jordan, who helped me a lot with the recipes for the cocktails and was very good at communicating. Thank you again for this successful event! I would recommend Shakers on Wheel to everyone :)

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